Saturday, March 3, 2012

Isabel Marant- Paris Fashion Week

If you are ever in Paris during Fashion Week, you MUST go! It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the things you will see are truly unique. Beautiful people, clothes, shoes, and bags will overjoy any girl and make you want more! My first ever fashion show was on Friday, and to none other than one of my favorite desginers, Isabel Marant. I was lucky enough to actually see her and some really famous people before and after the show. I was right next to them and it was so casual at first I didn't even realize it! This day was, to say the very least, incredible and unforgettable. But don't worry I just started, fashion week doesn't end until Wednesday.... :)

Got there early before the press arrived!

Isabel Marant Paris Fashion Week- Isabel Marant from Mariana Tolosa on Vimeo.
Short video because I didn't get a picture!

Supermodel Aline Weber


La Mode La Mode La Mode- Alexandra Golovanoff

Supermodel Carmen Kass

Isabel Marant Paris Fashion Week- Anna Dello Russo from Mariana Tolosa on Vimeo.

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  1. woww this is so awesome!!!

  2. Awesome shots. Totally agree - PFW is amazing. Caroline de Maigret looks freaking amazing. xx